The Dictionary Pen is a versatile educational tool that serves as a dictionary, voice translator, and teacher for subjects like English, Chinese, and math. This innovative product is designed for synchronous classroom learning and assists students with various functions including scan-to-translate, speaking assessments, digital recording, and AI-assisted voice guidance. Each model comes with features tailored to different needs, hence specifications may vary with the model purchased.

Rooted in a vast database of dictionaries and textbooks, this intelligent hardware integrates advanced technology such as scanning, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for character identification, text-to-translation, and voice output. The product is built to support both offline and online modes to offer maximum convenience. By simply scanning a word, users can activate textbook pronunciation, facilitating an interactive learning experience. The device is exceptionally adept at translating and pronouncing English words and Chinese characters, which makes it a handy tool for language learners.
Additionally, the Dictionary Pen also features a glossary setting, allowing users to customize and store essential vocabulary for future reference. Each function is thoughtfully designed to enhance the study experience, making it easier for students to engage with learning material and improve their language skills. Overall, the Dictionary Pen is more than just a study aid; it's a compact, multifunctional companion for learners aiming to achieve academic excellence in a multilingual world.