SHJY was established in 2013 with a commitment to delivering reliable and valuable solutions for projects and operations to clients and partners worldwide. Our business sectors include Industrial Solutions, Procurement of Commodity, offering diverse and customized services and products for global clients across various industries.

We are actively engaged in overseas markets and serve industries such as automotive industry, oil and gas, water, mining, renewable energy, and infrastructure. Our international projects are carried out in North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, etc.

Our long-term strategic partnerships with leading engineering institutes, manufacturers, logistics and construction companies, third-party inspection companies, financial institutions, and more allow us to provide cutting-edge services and products. Maintaining quality and safety is our ongoing commitment to clients. With our professional expertise, dedication to improving services and products, and an efficient global network, SHJY is committed to being a reliable and valuable solution provider to every client and partner.

In recently 5 years . We have taken a significant leap forward with the successful development and production of the new product AI Voice Mouse, a testament to our dedication to excellence. This cutting-edge product has earned prestigious approvals, including CE, FCC, UN38.3, and MSDS certifications, from the respected TUV SUD due to its exceptional manufacturing quality.

AI Voice Mouse is not just a tool but a game-changer for professionals across diverse sectors, facilitating increased work efficiency and the elimination of communication barriers. With the capability for voice input at a lightning-speed maximum of 400 words per minute, the AI Voice Mouse is revolutionizing the traditional keyboard experience and setting users free from the constraints of typing.

Furthermore, its powerful translation feature covers 115 languages, seamlessly bridging conversations and collaborations among people who might otherwise face language limitations. This capability ensures that language differences are no longer an impediment to free and effective communication.

Looks toward the future, our resolve to innovate remains undiminished. We are actively engaged in developing more practical and intelligent products. Our focus is on providing long-term services that cater to the evolving needs of professionals from every field. By anticipating industry trends and user requirements, we are committed to delivering solutions that are not just current but also futuristic, ensuring that our products are integral to the success of our customers. The AI Voice Mouse is merely the beginning. We envision a portfolio of products that will consistently elevate the standard of professional work environments, making every interaction more efficient and every task more manageable.